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If you don't use Carbonite, you should. It may be the only thing you SHOULD purchase after you buy your computer.

Carbonite will backup all of your data. Pictures, Documents, Music, and anything else you manually select.

It will even back up multiple copies of a file everytime it changes so you can go back to any version you like

Many people say they use an external hard drive for a backup.

but where is that hard drive when a thief steals your computer,

Or when a tornado carries your computer to the next county,

Or when a fire destroys your computer,

Or when a ransomware virus scrambles your computer and any attached drives

Carbonite will be there in case of any of these.

AND wait ....... don't answer yet, you also get a multi-year discount and my reseller discount as well

so ........ 1 year is $55 and 3 years is $150

Call today for more information today (317)892-4516.

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