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Mark H. Hayden
23227 Drywood Crossing Ct.
Spring, Texas 77373-8142
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First Things First

A personal Thank You

It has been an amazing 23 years building my business here in Indiana.
I could not have imagined the trip this business has taken me on over these 23 years. I have always said that this is a hobby that has gotten out of hand but I have loved every minute of it. While I definitely enjoy the problem solving and the challenges that I have faced over 23 years, the best part of this time has been meeting and sharing all of this time with all of my 1250+ customers. I feel so blessed to have most of you as close friends, seeing your kids grow up and some of them now having their families and kids. I will always be amazed at all the problems that have been resolved knowing that I am just one person with no ties to any computer business and have still managed to get everyone through all their problems and updates. Many of you have been through several generations of computers from DOS to windows 3.1 and now into windows 8.1, I have taken great pride in caring for your DATA, documents, pictures, music and more. Making sure job one was to make sure everything was safe and second to make sure the PC works the best for your needs. I thank all of you for making all of this possible.

Moving On

Moving the business

As most of you know, Linda my wife and my high school sweetheart have spent the last four years caring for our mothers. We sold my house in Lebanon and were renting a condo near our mothers. Linda's mom passed 9/2013 and my mom followed the next year 9/2014. After clearing the Lebanon house and its sale we did the same for her mom and then my mom. Our choice this last year was to decide "NOW WHAT?". After long conversations and hard choices we decided to move to Houston Texas and buy our "retirement" home near two of our children and four grandchildren. The youngest having just turned 1 and the oldest just getting her drivers permit. Life goes by so fast and we never know what the future brings. I will miss working at Vectren after 32 years , Mark-et al. after 23 years, Indianapolis Motor Speedway after 23 years, and Chicagoland speedway for 10 years. It has been a very busy life and I hope we will start to slow down a little and enjoy some other interests like travel, photography, genealogy, etc. oh and pool time while trying to minimize the salting and shoveling of snow and ice. If you are ever in the Houston area feel free to give us a call.

Continuing Service for YOU

I am still here for you

As of June 1, 2015 Mark-et al. will move from Indiana to Texas. The plans are to maintain service via phone and remote access for all of the customers here in Indiana. As most of you know, when you call I could already be anywhere in the state throughout the day and have always taken calls even on vacation. So with the access of cellular service at any location, it really makes no difference where I am actually located. Today, almost 80% of my services are done over the phone, walking you through the maintenance folder, then running malwarebytes first. For more complicated issues I have remote access over the internet. Just like the help desk at your office, I will take over the mouse and do all I need to do to update and scan your your systems without the need of an on-site visit. I am truly sorry you will miss my smiling face, but hey there is also facetime! I will still call each of you who have websites or carbonite to remind you of renewals. All phone numbers, email addresses, text, and website will still be accessible as before. Phone and remote support will be at a rate of $40/hour and you can just mail me a check. I am hoping this arrangement will work best for all of us so I can still keep in contact with all of you and still keep your machines running in top condition.

Call today for more information or questions (317)446-9300.

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